Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Green Videos: I Flips!de Science by California Academy of Sciences

Video lessons and stories use images, information, and a human touch to help viewers consider themselves in the picture of a more sustainable future.

Here's a great resource for California Academy of Sciences has created for sharing with classrooms and groups energy and water, food, and human impact on the environment - FREE!

IUCN Conference Ocean Plastic Art installation by Kokua Hawaii
It's called Flips!de Science (click on it, that's not a typo), and it's a youth-centered program that encourages personal action - through fun, not guilt; hope, not gloom and doom.

That's the flipside - a positive outlook for change.

Have a look -

  • How can you use these resources in your programming?
  • What could you do like this at your site with your teen groups?
  • What do you want to know more about for yourself?
Cool topics - 
  • Sustainable Food Solutions - Pros & Cons 
  • What Does it Take to Feed The World?
  • Preventing Ocean Plastic
  • Sustainable Seafoods
  • Digital Footprints
  • Fossil Fuels and Biofuels
  • Poop Power (from dairy farms)
These questions are great for museum teaching because 
  • the complex issues and solutions require critical thinking 
  • the topics require learning for understanding
  • and each has some actionable solutions anyone can begin immediately 
That's a great way to conclude a lesson: positive, shared action. What a great reward for fun learning experiences.   Here's that link again, if you need it.

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