Friday, June 2, 2017

Museums, Zoos, Sites: Join Your City in Signing the Paris Agreement

 The New York Times is reporting on mayors, governors, universities, and businesses bidding to be allowed to sign the Paris Agreement. Let's add museums, zoos, gardens, historic sites, and aquariums to the list.

Please contact your mayor and governor to let them know two things:

1) How you are contributing to the goals of the Paris Agreement

  • Have you reduced energy consumption to run your museum through efficiencies and more thoughtful processes? 
  • Do you generate clean renewable energy?
  • Have you made your building more efficient, or have you downsized your space?
  • Do you use less fuel to move employees or collections?
  • Have you reduced material consumption and waste production?

2) How you can help them engage the community in making change happen

  • Are you a forum for sharing information and facilitating discussions on how to contribute to reaching the Climate Goals?
  • Do you raise awareness on environmental impacts while providing actionable ideas for personal or collective participation in change? 
  • Do you work with peers or other organizations to improve green infrastructure and educate the public on the benefits?
  • Do you publish your practice to encourage other accountable organizations to do the same?

There are many more examples, but this is a good start.

I understand that you may not have realized that you are contributing, or that you may feel it is too small to count. You ARE contributing if you're reducing your carbon footprint, increasing open space, keeping water clean and the ocean healthier, and helping others to do the same.

And ALL the change matters because it leads others to change, too.

Thank you.

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