Friday, May 20, 2011

Headed to AAM's Annual Meeting - High Green Expectations

Each year I wait to see how many others are presenting green topics - I'm conflicted over hoping for many and hoping for few -
Many means we're getting the word out on this important topic, and enough practitioners have enough to say to support multiple presentations.
Few could mean there's too little work going on, too little interest, OR it's too 'normal' for special sessions.
So the truth is that I hope for that last definition of few.  Sadly we are nowhere near that yet.
But I am heartened by what I see on the schedule  - I can't even get to them all!  I"ll report on those I can attend; then post-conference I'll get the CD's of those I miss.  Remember - you too can buy CD's of all these presentations in case you're carbon-reduction plans are keeping you at home!
 Here's what I get to attend:
  • Sunday - Climate Change and Collective Action
  • Monday - Changing Environmental Standards (on collections care conditions)
  • Monday - Green 101 Workshop (presenting)
  • Tuesday - Going Green at the Museum
  • Wednesday - The Long View - Leadership Decisions for Environmentally-Sustainable Museeum Projects (chair)
Here's hoping there's green magic in the air at AAM this year.

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