Monday, February 6, 2012

Public Rating of Energy Use in Museums?

What will your public think when your energy consumption is posted online as if a tax record, added to an energy consumption black list, or branded on the side of your building?  Will they be proud, disappointed, or so annoyed they don't write that Annual Appeal check?

In the United Kingdom, all buildings housing a 'public authority' or providing regular service to the public, and of a certain size, must post a Display Energy Certificate annually. It ranks your energy efficiency from A - G, lists your carbon emissions, and identifies your energy sources - including renewables. It's quite colorful and must be prominently displayed. Can you imagine one in your museum?   

Well, Seth Godin's blog post Will Energy Consumption Stay Private? talks about a similar possibility: connectedness and measurements lead to information in the public domain.

Just like Pilot Fees, expect to see Energy Carbon Certificates on a museum near you soon. Why not pre-empt it with an Energy Star label or LEED plaque instead?

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