Monday, August 22, 2016

Join a Green Team for Green Leaders

In summer 2017 Sustainable Museums is piloting the first of two Super Green Teams. These are study communities, and the first is for campus-based informal learning institutions: zoos, aquariums, gardens, any campus-based site or open air history museums and farms. The second is for smaller history museums and historic sites. I can also custom design localized learning groups for cities or regional groups interested in cooperative learning and collaborative ideas.

The purpose is to create a learning-group of institutions with shared interests and related concerns, then provide the structure of regular communication and support to advance institutional sustainability goals.

The field is changing; informal learning institutions are expected to set an example in environmental impact, yet it's impossible to keep up with current best practice and anticipate changes to the field. 

That's my job. As your team leader and coach I can bring you the information from your field and related ones, and share the information and sources you're looking for. As a national consultant my time spent visiting sites and speaking to funders, practitioners, and leaders in the field, can be turned to your advantage.  

And your peers - the ones who may have finished similar projects, or have similar questions - they are your learning team. It can be tough to fit new learning and new practice into an already-busy schedule, even when it makes a big difference. There are marvelous opportunities for strengthening our missions while caring for the environment - and it's easier to do if you're working with and learning from others as you go.

Are you ready to advance your current green work? Would you appreciate a team of your peers to think with and to source examples? Join a peer group with ideas, experience, and energy to inspire you. Whether you’re a green team leader, sustainability manager, or operations guru, if you are the one to make a difference at your institution, then you’re the one to join us. 

Twelve organizations can be part of the team 

  • Facilitated discussions to advance green practice
  • From-the-field reports and customized content for group calls 
  • Shared learning among group members
  • Links to valuable resources - contributed and collected: articles and blog posts, product examples, case studies, sample forms, templates, online databases, supporting your needs
  •  A copy of The Green NonProfit: The First 52 Weeks of Your Journey, and The Green Museum 2nd Edition
Join the Team: Ensure your institution’s environmental impact is positive, and you’ll never again feel isolated on your green journey

Interested? Let's talk about how this team may help you make the difference you want. 
Please email me at or call me at 978-505-4515. 

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  1. UPDATE - The first group of Sustainability Leaders in Zoos started this month. We've got a nice group of sustainability and operations managers working and learning together. Detroit Zoo, John Ball Zoo, Como Park Zoo, and Maryland Zoo.