Saturday, May 19, 2012

Green Bling

I'm buiding a collection of 'green' cartoons.

This is my favorite so far. It says what I think people feel when they seem me coming -- sorry about that, everyone.

"Oh God, here they come -- act green."

But this is the cartoon I use most. I use it to talk about the perils of Green Bling.
This really just shouldn't happen. But it does.

You've seen it around you:
  • The dollars spent on a solar array in a low-sun region when the most-important step is improving the building envelope.
  • The rain barrels purchased but not hooked-up; or hooked-up but never drained!
  • Wind turbines and wind spires in low-wind areas.
  • Bamboo single-use utensils (I mean come-on...use them again for Pete's sake!)
This isn't the same thing as Greenwashing - when you say something is greener than it is, or you use associations to convince consumers or viewers that you are doing something for green reasons.

Green Bling is using visible, catchy-looking green practices and products totally inappropriately because you're about the 'look', not the result.

Don't do Green Bling. But do send me pictures of if you see any!

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