Monday, May 7, 2012

Notes from AAM Conference 2012 Minneapolis

Minneapolis and St. Paul have some awesome green museum action going on:
  • I lay on my back on the Bakken Museum's green roof
  • I toured the soon-to-open American Swedish Institute - an excellent blending of mission and technology plus an historic house! Nina, Christy and Ingrid were fab
  • I discovered the lighting designer at MIA as he was changing out all the third-floor Halos for LED's!
  • I met the guy with all the data behind the MIA LED change, Charles Walbridge, and he hung out with us PIC Greenies during the conference. Check out his material!
  • The ASI architects and designers joined PIC Greenies at Brit's Pub
  • So did the Bell Museum of Natural History gang who shared their information on their traveling exhibit "Sustainable Shelter" -
  • I had lunch with the Minnesota Historical Society's sustainability officer plus a green team member. Shengyin Xu may be the first SO at an historical society. Am I right?
  • And there wasn't even enough time to repeat earlier visits to James J. Hill House and the Mill City Museum, sigh, but both are doing good green stuff.
All in all, Minneapolis and St. Paul are class acts when it comes to green!

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