Friday, June 29, 2012

A Few Recycling Ideas II

Minnesota Science Center, St. Paul
The last post on this topic showed recycling systems - major installations of multiple streams (not multi-stream) of recycling in one well-signed receptable. Well if your museum has no appropriate space or need for the large bins, here are some smaller options to consider.
You can place smaller systems in small places, and larger ones in larger places. You need not choose a one-for-everywhere apporach. Green is very local sometimes.

Remember how we've discussed the importance of a trash bin with the recycling or you just end up with all the trash and recycling in one bin?  Well here are some examples of trash (or trash and compost) bins no one will separate:
US Botanic Garden, Washington, DC
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

My favorite is the blue/green bin at US Botanic Garden. It communicates well because its shape is an internationally-recognized garbage can shape; because the disposal opening shapes communicate the different types of appropriate items; and the blue/green split uses color coding we are increasingly recognizing as blue for recycle, green for garbage. And, of course, these bins, like the others do not get separated.

This option doesn't allow much branding by your institution becuase the sides are the tradiational anchored garban can holder, But then you may not need to generate andy more branding material, anyway.

The Science Center's option is a VERY close second because it has a composting section. Okay - maybe it's becoming my favorite. Composting is the Next Frontier for recyclers.

So - have you spotted any good trash/recycle pairings we should know about?

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