Monday, August 20, 2012

Get Your Green On!

You've heard me say it before: environmental sustainability is a hugely overlooked area of programming for every single kind of museum. It's a connect-with-the-community opportunity. What are you waiting for!  

The concept of No Child Left Inside is a powerful tool for museums trying to connect with the growing movement to expect environmental awareness, literacy and participation by the nation's youth. But first we have to help kids get outside.

If you need any encouragement to help address the national need to get children up off their behinds, away from a screen, and outside doing something - playing with friends, exploring alone, playing a sport, making art with found materials, climbing a tree, gardening or building a tree house, counting lady bugs for science class, or learning to make a solar panel to power their phones - here are some options for you.

Remember, museum people don't have to know it all; we just have to use our critical thinking skills and professional training to uncover knowledge - for ourselves and our visitors - and find some funding to help.  Here are a few resources for both those:

Information & Programming
A Few Funding Sources
And this is just to get you started....more next time.

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