Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kickstarter and Green Museums: Cynwood Station

The crowd is helping to fund a  green preservation project: Kickstarter supporters have contributed more than $5000 to fund the stormwater management project that will keep water out of the Cynwood Train Station and help preserve it long term. In the process, the project creates a welcoming space, provides educational/demonstration opportunities, and improves local water quality to boot.  What’s not to love?

The station is part of the Cynwood Heritage Trail in Lower Merion Township, PA. It is an active-use public transport station being revitalized as part of a more sustainable approach to community living.

Sarah Francis is a project board member and green consultant (LEED-AP for existing buildings) for the Cynwyd Station Revitalization Project.  This project was her idea – on the ground and on Kickstarter – and it’s part of the green vision for the site.
Here’s a description from the Kickstarter site:
The sustainable landscape was designed by North Street Design, LLC, in conjunction with students of the Engineering School at Villanova University. The most impressive element of the initiative is its innovative, multifunctional rainwater harvesting system, designed specifically for the station. Tanks made from recycled materials can also be used as benches for trail users and commuters, and the collected water will irrigate surrounding gardens, lowering our tap water use, while also preventing runoff from causing more soil erosion in the gardens.

They have already fully-funded the project, but the rest of the money raised in the next two days will contribute to additional stormwater management on site. Sarah Francis writes:
the extra money will go towards the other elements of the, including plantings and supplies for 2 rain gardens, and a planted trench along the foundation of the station.

I’ve contributed.  I hope others will consider supporting this project and using it as an example for their own work.

Is anyone else out there crowd-funding their green projects?

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