Monday, April 22, 2013

Detroit Zoo and Crain's Detroit Business

What started as a "bottom line" conversation ended up as a Quadruple Bottom Line conversation thanks to the open mind and interest of a sharp journalist - Sherri Welch. She was writing an article on The Detroit Zoological Society's green changes for Crain's Detroit Business, and was willing to spend a lot of time, and to listen to unexpected answers...particularly that it's not always about money... not what a business reporter's expects.

Sustainability choices are complex - having a 125 acres, 210 employees, 3300 animals and over a million visitors makes them even more complex.  Explaining these choices can be really simple - "it saves xxx$"- and really complex - "we're exploring a variety of alternative energy approaches by considering highest use, return on investment, partnership options, and opportunities to move the field forward..." Looking for obvious and easy answers - low-hanging fruit as they say - is only the first step. Others are much harder; it takes strong leaders, positive followers, individual doers, many supporters, and thoughtful reporters to make up a community of people prepared to make good progress along the green path.

Happy Earth Day, Detroit Zoo, and to all the other zoos, museums, gardens, aquariums and historic sites and parks celebrating today and every day.

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