Friday, May 17, 2013

PIC Green's AAM Summit on Environmental Sustainability Standards for Museums

If you're attending the American Alliance of Museums' annual conference in Baltimore next week, following it on Twitter (#AAM2013) or buying CDs of sessions afterwards, I hope you'll follow the developments of PIC Green's Summit on Sustainability Standards for Museums. We hope it leads to focused work in the museum field to share best practices in environmental sustainability.  Your participation is critical!
The goal of the meeting is to assess the field’s experience with, response to, and appetite for environmental sustainability metrics.   The day’s three sessions begin with a panel to briefly introduce the standards programs (LEED, SITES, Energy Star, Green Globes, Living Buildings and exhibitSEED) and to discuss museums' needs and expectations for standards. This will be followed by a session for museum professionals' presentations on their experiences in using sustainability metrics in their work, and a final moderated discussion to draw conclusions and plan next steps for our work as a field. 
Part I: Where/What We Are        8:45 – 10:00 AM   Convention Center 338
Coordinator: Sarah S. Brophy, bMuse
We will review current use of common U.S. sustainability metrics, most notably LEED, GBI Sustainable Sites, International Living Future Institute, exhibit SEED and the EPA's Energy Star programs.  The panel of invited representatives will interact with the audience in a council presentation/discussion approach.
Presenters:  Andrea Schnitzer, EPA; Kari Jensen, ExhibitSEED and OMSI; Erin Shaffer, Green Sites Building Initiative; Lorraine Doo of Doo Consulting, International Living Future Institute; Holly Shimizu, SITES and US Botanic Garden; and Todd Garing of Mueller Associates representing USGBC
Part 2: What We've Been Doing  10:15 – 11:30 AM        Convention Center 338
Coordinator: Roger Chang, Westlake, Reed, Leskosky
Representatives from art, history and natural history museums and an historic property will present their experiences with LEED, Energy Star and other metric programs, including their view of pros and cons with the benefit of hindsight.
Presenters: Susan Glassman, Wagner Free Institute; Sarah George, Utah Natural History Museum, Shengyin Xu, Minnesota Historical Society; Barbara Campagna, Haas-Lilienthal  House; Jocelyn Groom, Cooper-Hewitt; and Jessica Rinnaman, Balboa Park Cultural Partnership
Part 3: Deciding Where We Want to Go  1:45 – 3PM  Convention Center 339
Coordinator: Shengyin Xu Minnesota Historical Society
Laura Roberts of The Museum Group will moderate a discussion session reviewing the day's discoveries, comments on opportunities and limitations of the current systems, hopes for sustainability in the future of museums, and thoughts on next-steps to advance the field.
PIC Green and AAM will be publishing a white paper this fall based on these proceedings. We hope your voices are included.
See you at the conference - in person or virtually!  Follow developments at #AAM2013 and @PICGreen and @greenmuseum.


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