Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Green Gift Shop Ideas: I

Along with the posts on water bottle ideas, and recycling options, here is the first on some green gift-shop ideas.

Maggie Stern's stitched items (the heron pillow (right, and yellow wren bag at bottom). There is a good variety, you can choose US-made and organic materials, and they are lovingly designed by a great gal and terrific artist. If you have a special design she may be able to recreate it for you.

I like the reusable bags that fold into their own pouch and end up looking like a fish (for aquariums or zoos), and a flower or fruit (gardens); now if there were just one that looked like a side-entry federal mansion the historic sites would be happy too!  Has anyone found these bags made in the US? So far I only know of China.

I also like Matchstick Gardens  - buy these great little items in bulk for $1.75 each or less, and use them as give-aways, promote them as stocking-stuffers or party favors, and sell them at the cash register. You'll be spreading flower and herb gardens everywhere! 

Maggie Stern's yellow wren

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