Monday, February 10, 2014

Interview: Greening Museums on VoiceAmerica

Last week I was treated to a chance to speak for a full hour about my favorite topic - environmental sustainability in museums.  I was interview for Internet talk radio, The Museum Life, by Carol Bossert .
  • We discussed environmental sustainability as a system and museums as systems (so fixing your heating system starts with looking at your building envelope). 
  • We examined why museums are so perfect as vehicles for practicing and promoting more sustainable behaviors (we're teachers; the public trusts us; and as charitable institutions interested in community, who else is more responsible for this work?)
  • And how making sustainable choices now, and by invoking sustainability planning, you are making some of the best possible investments in your long-term institutional health.
Here a just a few of the sound bytes:
  • Museums must move the visitor from knowledge to action
  • Are you sure it costs more to go green; because it shouldn't
  • No one goes all green; no one goes green all at once.
  • Let go of the guilt and just start someplace.
  • Practice while you plan so that you plan better as you learn.
  • Start with behavioral changes and make a difference without being disruptive.
  • Progress to managing your water onsite and securing your own energy sources.
  • It's a system! Get with a system.
I hope you will listen, and let me and/or Carol know what you think.

Thank you.

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