Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mend the Marble - Family Fun for Going Green

Need some idea starters for your museum's after-school program, your vacation program, on Earth Day, or for nights in the museum?  Or an item for your museum gift shop?  Here's a deck of 52 cards, each with an activity to help heal our planet or Mend the Marble.

The 52 ideas are organized along the themes of, you guessed it, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose.

Visiting families will appreciate the deck for help with fun family activities:
- Staging a "No Power Night" encourages activities that aren't plugged-in. Board games by candlelight are the usual favorite - just be safe.
- Make, Mend and Make-over activities are great for a rainy day.

The eco-club you have after school can make battery buckets to take home to help organize recycling. What about making braided place mats or rugs with an old T-shirt, or drawing on saved popsicle sticks for plant labels - can you draw a zucchini?

How about an addition to your gift shop repertoire?

It's a Kickstarter project that will fund the prototype we hope will make its way into museum shops and museum after school programs...and hopefully into families, spreading good green fun to help heal our planet and instill better habits in the next generations.

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