Thursday, November 3, 2016

Green Gift Shop Ideas: II

The American Swedish Institute has a strong Nordic cooking focus in its gift shop, so there are all sorts of resources for the cooks in your audience. Two I haven't seen before are this reusable dishcloth and the natural-themed straws.                                                                   
Reusable dishcloths are sturdy and save paper production and disposal. 

You know the problem with straws, right? Plastic ones float - they float and blow right out of recycling and wind waste systems, often ending up in waterways where they trick aquatic life into thinking they are bits of jellyfish or fish flesh. This is deadly. A paper straw is the solution if you need a straw for health or safety reasons. 

The Walter Art Gallery in Minneapolis has Eco-Crayons made of natural materials. 

The Seattle Art Museum has attractive items made by regional artists aligned with the collection. The QR codes give shoppers instant access to the artist's website for education and more shopping.

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