Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Museum Professionals' Mantra for A Future

Help Earth; Help our World
Using education, research, and creativity
To mobilize collaborative and collective action
For significant environmental impact
So health, justice, and cultures flourish.*

Parker Brophy 2017 - All Rights Reserved.
Used with Permission
This mantra was published earlier this week in Curator: The Museum Journal as part of our article on the role of museums in a healthy world. 

*Sutton, S. W., Wylie, E., Economopoulos, B., O'Brien, C., Shapiro, S. and Xu, S. (2017), Museums and the Future of a Healthy World: “Just, Verdant and Peaceful”. Curator, 60: 151–174. doi:10.1111/cura.12200

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