Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NYC 2019: Proposed Climate Summit - let's showcase museums and others as valued "subnational actors"

The UN Secretary General is outlining ways to accelerate climate action in advance of the 2019 Climate Summit. The goal is significant impacts on reducing emissions and building resilience. The focus was these six items:

  • clean technology
  • carbon pricing
  • the energy transition 
  • risk mitigation
  • augmenting the contribution of sub-national actors and business
  • mobilizing finance.  
This speaks to the informal learning fields directly: our museums, zoos, gardens, and sites are critical the "sub-national actors" in all of this work to engage the public in understanding, supporting, and taking action in all these areas.  

Secretary-General António Guterres told about 20 world leaders that
  • “Your leadership is absolutely key to attaining and raising the ambition of the Paris Agreement." 
  • "We need all actors in society to work for a resilient and low emissions future – national and local governments, businesses and investors, scientists, civil society and citizens everywhere.
  • We need to build ambition and accelerate action – before it’s too late.”
Despite, perhaps because, US leaders were conspicuously absent at this high level meeting, let's see the work of our institutions, along those of our cities and states, at the forefront of the great stories coming out of Climate 2019. 


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