Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tweetchat Invitation: Building on Museum 2040

Courtesy, Sarah Sutton 2017
Would you like to follow a discussion on Museums 2040, and a scenario "A New Equilibrium"? How about specifically the exploration of museums' response to climate change effects? Then please join a Tweetchat On March 29th, 3pm EST.

The event is hosted by the Center for the Future of Museums' Elizabeth Merritt, with a few of the authors from the Museum 2040 issue chiming in on their topics.

I'll be there, and this is the stream you can explore, and work off of, for Climate:

Q4: @sarahsutton’s article in Museum 2040 sees a future in which museums are major influencers when it comes to climate resilient. What real-life museums are already helping their communities plan how they will adapt to climate change?

Example A4: The @museumofnaz devoted several of their Future of the Colorado Plateau Forums to community discussions of climate change, including water needs and impact on tourism and recreation.

The focus is museums in 2040, so the chat is not just about Climate, but also museums' roles in addressing truth and reconciliation, new governance approaches, and potential hybrid designs of institutional formats. 

Bring your ideas, questions, and open mind as we chat about the future. 

The link above provides a format for the discussion, some background, and, if you haven't participated in a Tweetchat before, or used Twitter, instructions for joining the conversation.

See you in 2040!

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