Friday, June 29, 2018

We Are Still In

Out of the blue, a new Ransom Note From the Future!
It's been an important week.

AAM's Environment & Climate Network announced it's name-change, one that moves from sustainability to addressing climate as well.

The Network hosted two webinars introducing the Cultural Institutions sector of We Are Still In to individual institutions and to membership networks.

There were private calls and emails with interested organizations to help them sign on.

We were asked to send copies of the recordings and slide decks to some who were unable to attend.

So we scheduled extra calls for July (11, 18 & 26).

Then New England Aquarium signed on.

Meanwhile, Museum magazine came out chock full of sustainability articles, and leading with AAM's Laura Mott's endorsement of We Are Still In for cultural institutions: "I encourage you to consider joining them and take the "We Are Still In" pledge this summer," she wrote.

Then a regional museum association said it was interested in signing on, too.

Meanwhile, the We Are Still In Steering Committee met to talk about the run up to the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this fall. The list of museums, zoos, gardens, aquariums and historic sites is growing, and growing enough to send a valuable message during the Summit.

It's been a stunning week, long in the making, hard to wait for, and just incredible to experience. We are showing the world that the significant abilities, resources, and influence of our sector can help address our greatest social, scientific, and economic challenge ever: climate change.

So, will you listen in to our calls, or have a private one with me? Will you go to the website yourself? Then will you sign on and help us tell the world that America is Still In the Paris Agreement because we care about our World? 'Cause we do. 

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