Monday, April 20, 2009


I am delighted with a positive review of our book The Green Museum: A Primer on Environmental Sustainability, especially since the reviewer said the book " has a place in our department library alongside The Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and other documentation we consult regularly. It should be considered core reading for anyone involved in green initiatives."

We hope that others will feel the same!

The review did describe a "few missteps" and these include the absence of a strong and clear call to action, and no notice of the recycled content of the materials to produce the book.

Believe me, we jumped up and down with the publisher about that one and here's what happened: When we first requested recycled materials the publisher's staff said it was not something they could do at the moment. Six months later, on their own, when it was time to print, their research had uncovered new options and low and behold The Green Museum was AltaMira's SECOND book published with recycled materials. Though the information didn't make it into type-set, the website reads: The Green Museum is printed with soy-based ink on recycled stock. We're delighted that our work triggered this change and look forward to it spreading throughout the publisher's list and increasing the level of sustainability in each book!

As for too little call for action, check out the end of the book. In self-defense, the text was completed 18 months ago and the field wasn't sure it was ready for the book, let alone shouting a call to action, but there is a call to action, and one we continue to promote. Since green has accelerated faster than the print publishing industry can print, anything about green looks old....glad that soon the book will be available on Kindle and Sony! Elizabeth and I have an article in the works for Museum that will take a 100-year that's acceleration.

Go green, and prosper.

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