Monday, November 26, 2012

The Apps are Coming!

Elizabeth Merritt at the Center for the Future of Museums just sent me this  link to a great article on an app that might help offices become greener.

It sounds a lot like the Citizen Sustainability post I put up last May about using apps to engage individuals in measuring their sustainability improvements in an engaging, sometimes gaming way, while piling up data on gains for the environment.

The article in Good addresses offices, mainly, but the JouleBug video  (the developer)  shows how ordinary people can use it in all sorts of situations. Hypothetically I already have 5 points for the reusable coffee mug, 28 points for my reusable water bottle, and points for walking, sharing items and lurking about the Goodwill store; or I would if I had an iPhone. 

Don't you think we should do this sort of thing in museums?  And especially do this sort of thing in our communities for our communities?

Come on - as soon as they make it for Androids I challenge you all to play with me.  And once we really understand how it works, let's band together to create this type of app-supported environment to mobilize our museums' staff, volunteer and visitor forces for the greater good.

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