Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daylighting Works at This History Museum


Clerestories in The Henry Ford
Museum spaces
The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village has a lot going for them. History, of course, is one of those qualities.

Along with organic farming and some innovative site water management, they have some daylighting locations that work awfully well - all because the buildings are early ones.

Setting the Weinermobile Café (below) along the side with the most exposure means visitor enjoy the  natural light but objects in the area are not over-exposed.

And in the Historic Area at Greenfield Village, there are some great daylighting in action at Edison's Menlo Park reinstallation:
It's clear the sun is important here for work. [see label below]. And on this dreary day visitors needed no extra light to see in this exhibit. 

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  1. The new MOHAI in Seattle has wonderful natural light in the galleries- and openable windows!