Sunday, March 31, 2013

Green Museum Trash

Environmental communication - sharing information about environmental messages in ways that inspire others to take personal action - is a growing field. It has so many layers of application that it can be overwhelming. It begins with basic clarity; it makes no assumptions of pre-existing knowledge; and it encourages people to make thoughtful choices by giving them information and encouragement to make those thoughtful choices.

As I embark on learning more about this, I have collected - and people send me - interesting examples.  This one makes sure you know that what goes in here ends up in the landfill - "you sure that's trash?"

Thanks to Tori Snell for this photo from the College of William & Mary

And this one makes sure you know specifically what goes to compost, to recycle and then - when all else fails - the dreaded landfill.
Mother Earth News Fair - PA 2012

Do your bins communicate?

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