Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Signed: Sustainable Museums Joins #Wearestillin for #ParisAgreement

This means that I need to track and report my carbon using Energy Star Portfolio Manager. I've been mobile for the last four years, just settling into an office and home this January, so I haven't been able to track my energy use. Now that I'm rooted, I have energy use I can record honestly.

The challenge is what to compare it to since 1) I've been moving, and 2) I've been reducing energy use, for a long time. How to benchmark? I'm comparing my use to that on the same property last year when used by the same number of people and without a home office.

Here are the results: See the January 2017 measurement? We moved in January 2nd. So far so good.

In May, I switched metering to Time-of-Use rates where I save money if I use more energy during the day when it's solar-generated than at night when it's oil- or garbage-generated. I'll keep you posted on the results.

As for water - I don't pay those bills. So, like those museums, zoos, and aquariums owned by a city, state, or a university, I'll have to hunt them down to see that use and get it into Portfolio Manager. And I'll have to convince my landlord to stop irrigating...

Now a house can't get an EnergyStar rating this way, so neither can Sustainable Museums. Museums can't yet either, but if enough of you begin using EnergyStar so there are benchmarks, then we can create a category just for informal education buildings!

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