Sunday, June 11, 2017

Museums & Portfolio Manager- Please Sign On

"The most successful voluntary energy efficiency movement in history..."
It's so easy and so helpful - to you, the field, the planet.  

In the EPA's online tool/database, you can record your energy and water (and waste) monthly, meter-by-meter. The idea is that if you track it - as in you enter it, compare it to other months and over time, and keep checking it, you will see what your energy use looks like.

Help Yourself: Seeing it on a dashboard gives you clues to reducing it - which means saving by identifying potential anomalies (leaks, meter defects, and equipment running too much), and identifying areas of just plain too much use.

Help the field: By supporting the development of an Energy Star category which makes it easier to satisfy USGBC's LEED standards and local code compliance. We have 100 museums signed up but need more to create benchmarks for each region.

Help the planet: Tracking your carbon reduction over time, and any increasing percentages of clean renewable energy use, documents your support of your city's contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement goals of carbon reduction.

The US goal is reductions by 26% to 28% from the 2005 baseline. What's the baseline you can establish and improve upon?

Questions, or need help? Call me, please. I'm thrilled to help. 978-505-4515

NOTE - Both EnergyStar and Portfolio Manager are Registered Trademarks of somebody, likely EPA.

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